Our Objectives

Dr. Majeed Foundation is founded on the dream of Dr. Muhammed Majeed to support the children of the poor and deprived in their education. The major objectives of the Foundation are:

To facilitate a support base for children from poor families for their education, irrespective their caste, creed or religion
To run educational institutions as and when required for the benefit of children from poor families.
To run, develop, improve or even adopt any school or college or any other educational institution that requires such help and support
To initiate and organize any relevant programme or project either on its own or in association with any institution, in such areas as coaching, special training, counseling etc, as the need may be
To start social activities to benefit Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Communities Activities include running awareness programmes in areas of human rights, civil rights and aiming at the social uplift of these communities
To run workshops, awareness programmes etc for the rural unemployed in association with local organizations
To make educational facilities accessible to the rural poor